WE deliver to the end and beyond

Production Partners manage your product right to the end. We offer Air, Sea & Land deliveries and work with your timings and budget.


Once all components from the BOM are made to the required client specifications: 
Dimensional / Cosmetic / Assembly / Functional
final samples will be supplied for your approval. 

The approved parts will then be used to set the benchmark for ongoing production
If you're happy, we're happy*.

Well actually sometimes, we're not happy and look to further improve on the parts if we don't believe they are up to our standards.

Production Partners Certification image.jpeg


Certain products need to conform to different levels of certification per the requirements of the end market. i.e. CE, ROHS, FCC, etc..

You may have other requirements for the product to certify that it performs to your requirement. i.e. MIL, IP, functional testing, SGS lab testing, etc..

Certain clients and vendors also require full MSDS documentation depending on the legal & distribution requirement.


Before any production begins we have our internal meetings with the production & QC team to develop the SOP (Standard Operating Proceedure).

The SOP is key to the success of any project ensuring production is controlled.

The SOP controls the handling, assembly & testing of all components for the product. 

Through the development of a product, we review and refine the SOP to continually improve the assembly process.  


Every product is different and will be required to pass (or exceed) different testing requirements.

Humidity, thermal shock, salt-spray, repeat-function, repeat-movement, abrasion, burn-in, acoustic, UV, chemical resistance, tensile strength, vibration, ROHS, and of course the good-ol drop test.

We have in-house testing laboratories & testing fixture workshop (to make custom fixtures) to cover the majority of the testing requirements. 

If it's more specialized we involve the appropriate testing labs.


For multi-part, complex or critical function projects it is essential to run PVT (Pilot Run) to iron out any possible kinks in the assembly process or to identify any unforeseen issues that may have slipped through the creation of the initial approval samples.



Probably the most important part of successfully producing a great product. 

That's why the largest contingent of the Production Partners team are our dedicated Quality Control staff.

We have staff overseeing all stages of production, with our team working with OQC from our component suppliers, IQC with our assembly plants, Online QC overseeing the production line, OQC before shipping and even have staff based full-time at some of our sub-suppliers.  

Production Partners work with our clients set  AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) guidelines, but in many cases we may be working on new manufacturing processes that are outside of our client's guidelines so we have also developed out own guidelines covering a wide range of manufacturing techniques to ensure the quality level is understood, followed & controlled.


This is when all the hard work pays off. 

Our team will be onsite overseeing the mass production of your product, ensuring the SOP & quality systems are followed, monitored for bottlenecks or part/assembly problems, troubleshooting, documenting.



It's important that the packout is still controlled by the SOP. All parts need to be assembled in their correct order, orientation and no pieces missing. 

Your product needs to look amazing on the shelf and it's important there isn't dust, fingerprints, scratches, missing parts, etc... that will bring down your brand.


e work with a number of shipping agents for different markets, or you can run the delivery through your own channels if you'd like. 

Air, Land, Sea.... no problem


We want to make sure we are constantly reviewing, refining and improving the product. 

This may be on ID, tooling, manufacturing techniques, fixtures, materials, coatings, branding, assembly, SOP, packaging.

We want to make "best-in-market" products so it's important to learn from past production and find ways to make products:

better / cheaper / safer / reliable