We create market leading product DESIGNS for clients in consumer electronics, industrial, medical, automotive, retail and the FMCG markets.


Before we start creating your "next-big-thing" it's always good to see what's out there; The good, the bad and the ugly.

This helps to ensure your product fits the market niche and your brand DNA will be unique.

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We love to create amazing products for our clients. 

Whether you need a slick smart cover solution, a premium iPad retail POS unit, an industrial plumbing solution, an award winning safety device or a intelligent sports accessory, we can help.
Our design director has over 15 years global experience working with some of the world's best brands.

Got an idea you want to discuss? 

2d technical drawing

Control your parts from ideation to realization.

The 2D technical drawings list out the critical dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes, materials, and other important information to ensure your parts are being made to the correct specification.

3d renderings

Need to look good for the big presentation to your boss? 
Want to have perfect imagery for your online store?
What will the color skews and textures actually look like, is the balance what you wanted?

We can create beautiful 3D photorealistic renders of your product to help you out.


Need to take the product on your website to another level?
We can provide turntable animations or more complicated animations.


No point having a great product if your packaging isn't selling it to the consumer at store level.
We can design your packaging or simply make your packaging designs come to life.
We work with a number of talented packaging suppliers that allow us to produce best on shelf solutions.

Whether you need:
Custom blisters, card stock with specialty finishes, injection molded details, anti-tamper, accessible product packaging, premium product bags, etc... we have you covered.


Is it a prototype or the real thing?
That's the question you'll be asking when you receive one of our protos. 

We do 3D scanning, CNC, SLA, SLS, FDM, Vacuum Casting, Screen printing, Pad Printing, packaging, Overmolding, Proto-tooling, metal stamping, laser cutting/engraving, etc...